Diva Time: Chemical Free Periods

This is going to be a strange blog.  Hopefully my Dad will skip this one and I can already hear my Aunt saying ‘do you have to discuss such things?’ But I really want to spread the word about moon cups or diva cups as they are sometimes known.  Also I really think we should not treat periods as something to be ashamed of, so we might as well share my experience.

For those who don’t know a moon cup is a small silicon cup that folds up, is inserted internally, collects the blood and is then washed out and reinserted.

I’ve suffered from heavy periods which are quite debilitating for many years.  Not to get too graphic but the speed of flow has left me in many a compromising position.  I’d heard about moon cups, but having only got to grips with tampons post childbirth, had kind of assumed they were not for me.  But when I decided to cut the chemicals it seemed logical to give them a go, so on a whim I got one from the internet for the princely sum of £7.99.  I read the instructions and got to it!

Immediately I could feel the benefits.  I felt clean and comfortable.  Whereas I was sometimes changing tampons every 3 hours I only need to empty the moon cup 3 times a day.  It’s really simple to use and all you do is empty it and wash it out every 12 hours or as needed.

I’ve found it really liberating using a moon cup.  It means never spending money on periods again, it’s cleaner and worry free.  I wouldn’t say using a moon cup has changed my life, but maybe 5 days out of every 28!


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