Write Yourself Happy


So, aside from working to banish chemicals  I’ve also been working on banishing the blues.  I’ve always been a bit of a dweller – going over the same things in my head, getting stuck in anger and the like.  At the same time I’ve always liked to be busy and cram as much into life as I can – which I think is great – but since my mum died I’ve been thinking how important it is to reflect and pause to enjoy things.  I did a mindfullness course last year (https://soshall.net/) which was great and since then I’ve been working hard to give myself a better mindset.

The first thing is I’ve become addicted to motivational and inspirational sayings (a few below) and as well as pinning my own I send them to friends.  What I’ve noticed since I started doing this is that I actually feel happier.  When something goes wrong, like being in a traffic jam (a recent 6 hour trip turned into 10) I feel calm, thinking ‘there is nothing I can do so there is no point worrying.’ If I am doing something I don’t enjoy I think ‘oh well, it’ll be over soon.’

Then I  saw an idea to write a list of things to be grateful for (family, sunsets, musicals, the smell of lemons etc).  I did this with my kids (to mixed responses, it must be said) but I loved it.  So I have brought myself a book and have started keeping lists – things that make me happy, songs I like, sounds I like, people I’d like to meet, best things that have happened, things to look forward to – and guess what?  I feel so much happier, more inspired and like life has so much more purpose.

So, I have been encouraging others to try this list thing, and am excited that some friends have got themselves books and are doing it too.  I keep mine in my handbag and add to it whenever I’m bored or just feel like it.

It does show the simplest things sometimes really are the most effective.