Reflection and response

So this time last year, I, like most people was giving and receiving high street branded toiletries for Christmas.  Since then I’ve binned them all, and it really hasn’t been that hard.  I’m at a slight advantage of course, having one friend who makes soaps and oils (Paula’a Soap Deli and another who is a Neals Yard Consultant ( but even so, it’s not that hard.

As I’ve said I no longer buy any shop creams, buying them all from Paula’s online shop and have replaced moisturiser with facial oil.  Having had a lifetime of acne I’m really surprised to see the improvements in my skin.  I use Neals Yard Arnica on my temples for headaches and for muscle ache and I’ve found TK Maxx to sell a good range of shampoo and conditioner without chemicals.  I’ve started making washing powder (lots of receipes online) and use candles, rather than plug ins to scent the house.  I use vinegar and bicarb to clean the house and I’m replacing mu body shop make up with Neals Yard alternatives.

So, my plan for 2017 is to banish plastics from the kitchen.  There are various theories around about the link between the use of plastics and cancer.  None are proven, but I cannot see any negatives of trying to use less.  I also hate the fact that plastic doesn’t decompose so is horrifically bad for the environment.  I’ve replaced the plastic containers in the bathroom and kitchen with glass and have got rid of the plastic plates, cups and spoons and made sure all the chopping boards are made from ethically sourced wood. I’ve ordered glass drinking straws (yes really).   However I am finding it very challenging to find alternatives to cling film and to get round the fact that so much food comes in plastic containers and therein lies my challenge.  Any suggestions to overcome this would be appreciated.

The other thing I’ve started is reiki.  My yoga teacher, Tammy ( offers this service so I’ve given it a go.  I honestly cannot explain what reiki is, but after the sessions Tammy told me a few things she had noticed about my shakras which corresponded exactly with difficulties I was having physically and emotionally at the time.

My mindfulness lists are still going well.  Next year I want to get in the habit of doing them or journalling every day.  A friend and I also intend to start putting up our favourite uplifting phrases in places for others to see.   Our theory is that all the negative signs everywhere like ‘keep off the grass’ and ‘don’t touch’ need counteracting.

2017 should also be the year I have a mastectomy.  Weighing u the 80-87% breast cancer risk I have (caused by a hereditary faulty brca gene) and having had a wonderful service from Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals in deciding how to proceed I have now decided to go ahead with the operation and reconstruction. I’ll blog more about this next year, no doubt.

So 2017 Plans

  1. Reduce plastic useage
  2. Continue to avoid chemicals
  3. Have a mastectomy
  4. Keep up yoga and reiki
  5. Finish my counselling course
  6. Be more positive.