Neals Yard Party Review

So, since I started my journey in natural living quite a few friends have joined me in making anti-chemical changes to their lifestyles.  One such person is my friend Ceira (@CeiraBarber on twitter and Ceira’s Neals Yard Remedy organic page on facebook).  She started using Neals Yard sun cream on her daughter as conventional creams badly affected her skin. Then she started buying more products from them and then decided to start selling their products as a consultant.  As so many of our friends are now trying to reduce nasty chemicals in their lives last night we had a Neals Yard party.

We started by playing some games, one of which was the ‘guess the essential oil’ game which I have to confess to people quite useless at.  Another game we played was to form pairs and write six things we like about the other person (we all paired with someone we know well).  I love this as I am such a believer that we do not spend enough time concentrating and, more importantly, verbalising what is good about life and the people we choose to have in our lives and that most people are unaware of the qualities they possess that people like about them.  They were a few tears in this game, but I definitely would encourage people to try it, as I think looking at and sharing positives is so good for the mindset of everyone.

Suffice to say there was a bit of drinking and banter.  Everyone enjoyed trying the products and exchanging advice about things to do that can cut chemicals in different areas of their lives.

I think these themed parties are a great opportunity to get like minded people together and have a good time.


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