Rocking Replacements

I thought I would do a quick round-up of the products I have tried to use to replace plastic and how I have got on.


I absolutely love drinking from a straw.  I just think a drink just tastes that bit nicer through a straw, it is also better for your teeth to drink fizzy or coloured drinks this way to avoid staining.  Since I became conscious of cutting down on ‘use once and throw away’ products straws are probably one I felt most guilty of using.  Fear not though I have replaced them with a stainless steel version and keep one in my bag at all times.  It does take a bit of getting used to but I’m quite happy with this one.  The important thing is not to leave it behind in a bar!



Obvious one here.  I’ve got a couple of parachute bags that fold us to be very small which I keep in my handbag.  I must say I am sick of shopping deliveries coming with the frozen stuff in extra bags!


Previously I was using the disposable cups from the water dispenser at work.  Now, of course, I realise they are not disposable at all as they take around 450 years to decompose. Yes they can be recycled, but this is a waste of energy.  So I now keep a ceramic cup on my desk.  In Costa the other day I saw a ‘mug for life.’  I’m generally not comfortable buying plastic items but I decided this was a good buy to avoid using those paper cups with plastic lids that are dished out by coffee places.  I made sure it did not have any BPA in  it (link here  I’m really pleased with this item.  Again, I keep it in my handbag.


Encouraged by a blog I read I have invested in a safety razor instead of the plastic disposable bics I usually use.  I must confess that my first go with this did not go well, with my legs witnessing some sort of crime scene.  I’m going to persist with this one and see if my technique can improve.  I certainly like the idea of this and it is an easy way to save money.


This was an easy one.  I got a bamboo toophbrush from ebay.  I like it’s nice soft bristles so will stay with this change.  I’m going to look at replacing make up brushes next.


Another slight compromise as it is made of plastic but I am keeping a spork in my bag too so I don’t have to use the disposable cutlery when I buy a take away lunch from a supermarket.

Make up pads

I don’t use cleanser since I ceased with shop bought cosmetics and much prefer my Himalayan  soap and oil (

So it makes sense to replace the bleach heavy and ‘use once throw away cotton wool I used for make up removal with a washable product.  I have therefore invested in some wool cleansing pads from a company on etsy called Loopy.   (  ref=shop_home_active_3)


Bit old school this one, but I am now making my cleaning liquid in an ex-pasta sauce jar and have my toophbrushes in am old jam jar.  The bonus of this is they are much easier to clean.


So small changes, but all save a bit of money and more importantly lead to a bit less waste in the bin.  Any other ideas to save waste greatfully received.


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